Andreoli & C. offers processing methods of various types: high-technology welding, pipe bending, laser cutting, sheet metal pressing and much more Find out more about our services and contact us for further information.

Welding is a process that allows to physically and chemically join two elements by using hight heat to melt the metal. In the engineering industry sector, this is an essential process both for performance and safety reasons. Andreoli & C. offers high-quality and high-precision weldings.

Precision and jobs perfectly done: Andreoli & C. performs laser cutting of sheet metal of various types, both in 2D and in 3D.



Highly skilled in sheet metal bending and forming.



Andreoli & C. also offers bending solutions for pipes of various types and materials. We have available a wide range of machines.

We perform various types of finishing services, either manually or automatically, to always provide you with perfect results.

We identify every manufactured component by means of laser marking, which allows us to customise them with your logo.