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Data subjects: users who consult the website of ‘ANDREOLI E C. SRL’


Pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter ‘Regulation’ OR ‘GDPR’), this page details the methods for processing the personal data of users who visit the website which can be accessed electronically at the following address:


This information does not apply to other websites, web pages or online services that can be reached through any hypertext links published on this website that pertain to resources external to the domain


After consulting this website, personal data pertaining to identified or identifiable individuals may be processed.
The data controller is ‘ANDREOLI E C. SRL’, with registered and operational headquarters in 24 – 41053 Maranello (MO), VAT code: 02346880368.


1) Browsing data

Legal basis: ‘data processing necessary for browsing the website’ – contractual obligation – Art. 6 paragraph 1 letter b) GDPR

Computer systems and software processes responsible for the functioning of this website will acquire certain personal data in the course of their normal use, for which transmission is implied when using internet communication protocols.

This data category includes IP addresses or the domain names of the computers and terminals used by users, the URI/URL (Uniform Resource Identifier/Locator) addresses of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained
in response, the numeric code indicating the status of the response given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters pertaining to the user’s operating system and IT environment.

These data, necessary to navigate the Site and to use the information contained in it, are also processed by the owner for the purpose of:

– Obtaining aggregated and anonymised statistical information on the use of the services (most visited pages, number of visitors per hour/day, geographical areas of origin, etc.);
– monitoring the correct usability of the content offered by the Site;
– preventing or combating any possible illicit IT activity, the fraudulent use of the functionality available on the site, including for the purpose of reconstructing security incidents and their traceability

Duration of retention:

Browsing data in compliance with the principles of lawfulness, limitation of purposes, minimisation of data, pursuant to Art. 5 of GDPR, will be kept for a period of time not exceeding the fulfilment of the technical purposes described above for which they are collected and processed, subject to any need to
detection of offences by the Judicial Authority.


2) Data communicated by the user

Legal basis: ‘data processing necessary to respond to user enquiries.’ – contractual obligation – Art. 6 paragraph 1 letter b) GDPR

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of messages to the contact addresses of “ANDREOLI E C. SRL”, private messages sent by users to institutional profiles/ pages and social media (where this possibility is provided) as well as the completion and forwarding of forms on ‘ANDREOLI E C. SRL’ websites, involve the acquisition of the contact data of the sender, necessary to respond, as well as all personal data included in the same communications.

Specific information is published on the pages of the site prepared for the provision of certain services, where the necessary consent of the user is collected, informing them on each occasion of the purposes and the optional nature of the provision.


Duration of retention:
The data communicated by the user are kept for the time necessary to manage individual requests, any subsequent storage for statistical purposes requires the anonymisation of such data (without prejudice to any need for the Judicial Authority to investigate criminal offences).


3) Cookies and other tracking systems

The following are used:
a) technical cookies necessary for users’ navigation, facilitate the correct navigation of the site and the usability of the content by the user. Legal basis: ‘taken as functional and necessary’.

b) analytical cookies used to process aggregated statistical analysis of the use and interaction with the site by users. Prior consent of the user. Legal basis: ‘consent’.

c) Profiling cookies allow us to collect information about the preferences expressed by the user in the during browsing and to process reports intended to be used for targeted advertising and marketing campaigns. Legal basis: ‘consent’.

Information on the processing of data, the purpose, the duration and the complete management of cookies, including their consent and revocation, are available in the document ‘Cookie management’ also present in the footer.


4) Social Media Policy: Information about the processing of personal data carried out through the Social Media platforms used.

For information on the processing of personal data carried out by the managers of the Social Media platforms, please refer to the information provided by them through their respective privacy policies. The Data Controller processes the personal data provided by users through the pages of the dedicated Social Media platforms, as part of its corporate promotion and advertising purposes, to manage interactions with users themselves (comments, public posts, messages, shares, etc.) in compliance with current legislation on the protection of personal data and this policy; where necessary, the user’s consent is collected, informing them on a case-by-case basis of the purposes and the optionality of the provision.
Personal or ‘sensitive’ data entered in comments or public posts within social media channels may be removed.

The platforms used are:



The recipients of the data collected following consultation of some of the services listed above are certain subjects designated by the Data Controller pursuant to Article 28 of the Regulation, as data processors, and other additional service providers within the web-agency, digital communication, systems support, and any other digital service providers, the complete list of which you can request in writing from

Some data and information may be transmitted or acquired by subjects identified as independent owners, this data is related to cookies that are usually anonymised before sending, for statistical purposes. If it is planned to transfer to non-EU countries, the stated guarantee measures
described in paragraph 6 of this document will be undertaken.
The personal data collected is also processed by employees of ‘ANDREOLI E C. SRL’, which acts on the basis of specific instructions provided for the purposes and methods of processing.


The personal data transmitted and stored for the time necessary for the declared purposes are protected by specific technical organisational security measures in reference to Art. 32 of the Regulation, able to guarantee on a permanent basis the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and ability to promptly restore the availability and access of personal data in the event of a physical or technical incident, including the risks of destruction, loss, modification, unauthorised disclosure or accidental or unlawful access to personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed.


The data controller does not transfer personal data to non-EU countries. Should the need arise, the data subjects will be informed in advance, and guarantee measures will be taken for the transfer to the recipients, which may be: verification of the existence of adequacy decisions for the recipient country by the Commission, signing of standard contractual clauses, verification of the adoption of any additional measures transposing Recommendation 01/2020 EDPB. In derogation to these guarantees, for data processing (ref. Art. 49 of the GDPR), where applicable, the existence of a contract or pre-contractual measures in favour of the data subject or consent to the transfer shall occur.


Data subjects have the right to obtain from ‘ANDREOLI E C. SRL’, in the cases provided, access to their personal data, rectification, the deletion of the same, the limitation of the processing that concerns it, its portability, or to object to processing and to withdraw consent (where used as a legal basis) in relation to
Articles 15 to 22 of the Regulation.
The request is submitted through the contact details of ‘ANDREOLI E C. SRL’, with registered and operational headquarters in Via Taruffi, 24 – 41053 Maranello (MO).
To exercise your rights, you can also use the template provided and available on the website of the Data Protection Authority at this link:


Interested parties who believe that the processing of their personal data by this site is in breach of the provisions of the Regulation are entitled to file a complaint with the Guarantor, pursuant to Art. 77 of the Regulation, or to refer the matter to the appropriate judicial bodies (Art. 79 of the Regulation). The template for filing a complaint is available on the website of the Data Protection Authority at this link: