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Andreoli & C. is not just a simple supplier, but a real partner that is always by your side during every production step. Thanks to our technical office we can verify the project’s feasibility, prevent issues in its realisation, and research the equipment needed to ensure the quality and precision of the end result.

The industry sectors in which we operate

We design, manufacture and certify for strategic industry sectors.


Andreoli Proto

Andreoli Proto is a project that sprang forth from our production activities. In a specifically designed facility, highly specialised employees prepare prototypes or vehicles intended to be subjected to crash tests, meeting every technical and engineering demand of the customers who choose to rely on us.


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Andreoli & C. specialises in manufacturing, installing and assembling units and structures for various sectors. Skilled personnel with decades of experience carry out the assembly and installation with precision and attention to detail. The entire production process is regulated by latest-generation computer systems. All this......

We strongly believe that ongoing technological updates, together with constant training and long experience in the non-destructive testing industry can be the ideal combination for Andreoli & C. to offer its customers solutions that meet the increasing demand for high quality components. That is why......