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Andreoli & C. is not just a simple supplier, but a real partner that is always by your side during every production step. Thanks to our technical office we can verify the project’s feasibility, prevent issues in its realisation, and research the equipment needed to ensure the quality and precision of the end result.

The industry sectors in which we operate

We design, manufacture and certify for strategic industry sectors.


Andreoli Proto

Andreoli Proto is a project that sprang forth from our production activities. In a specifically designed facility, highly specialised employees prepare prototypes or vehicles intended to be subjected to crash tests, meeting every technical and engineering demand of the customers who choose to rely on us.


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High-level automotive and sports cars are a true Italian excellence. A professional activity that was born and grew up in the Motor Valley, in the province of Modena, often has something to do with Formula 1. We talk about it with Ivan Andreoli, CEO of......

Founded 37 years ago, in the last twenty years Andreoli & C. carried out its activity mainly in the high-level automotive sector, cooperating with companies of world importance, as far as the racing ambience is concerned. According to Luca Battazzi, company Sales Manager: We can......

Bending, press forming and shaping metal sheet is one of the services that Andreoli & C. has been offering for many years. In the field of high quality or sports automotive it is important that the plates follow aerodynamic lines specifically designed to guarantee a......