Precision and jobs perfectly done: Andreoli & C. performs laser cutting of sheet metal of various types.
Thanks to the high energy concentrations which characterise the laser cutting technique, we can achieve discrete cutting finishes (without requiring further machining), reduced dimensions of the cutting zone meaning minimum waste of basic material, and finally we can perform laser cuts on complex shapes locally and minimally modifying the metallographic properties of the basic materials.

2D Laser Cutting

Laser cutting through SIEMENS Trumpf L 4030 4,000 Watt Laser cutting machine with work surface area, size 2,000 x 4,000 mm TRUMATIC L 4030 model able to cut aluminium up to 10 mm of thickness – carbon steel alloys up to 15 mm – stainless steel up to 10 mm – titanium up to 3 mm. Top quality cut even with thicker workpieces, complex geometric contours and/or small sizes. It can use various cut-assistant gases while processing the same material. Versatile and easy to set up.

3D Laser Cutting

Trumpf 3D Laser Cutting machine with TRULASER Cell 7020 Fiber 6-axis working centre. High performance TruDisk 4,000w source. Suitable for processing all metal alloys, including copper, brass and pure aluminium. 3D cut up to a thickness of 6 mm for aluminium alloys, up to 10 mm for carbon steel alloys and up to 8 mm for stainless steels. Programmable through dedicated CAD software. Renishaw setter to correct the workpiece positioning and software self-adjustment. 3D cutting of components produced through pressing or embossing. Ability to cut pipes by using the mandrel.

Taglio laser Trumpf L 4030 SIEMENS 4000 Watt con piano di lavoro di dimensione 2000 x 4000 mm mod. TRUMATIC L 4030 con taglio fino a spessore 8 mm. per alluminio โ€“ acciaio fino a 15 mm โ€“ inox fino a 10 mm โ€“ Titanio fino a 3 mm

Taglio Laser 3D Trumpf con centro di lavoro 5 assi TRULASER Cell 7020 Fiber.