Designing, producing and certifying components for various sectors is a unique undertaking. It has been ours for a good 40 years.

When we talk about components for the automobile industry, you dont meed simple parts, you need solutions.

And this is what we at Andreoli have been doing for years: 40 today, to be exact.

With considerable experience behind us, we carry out personalised work, customised to satisfy your specific needs.

Guaranteeing you – in any circumstance – precision and cutting edge technologies.

Our starting grid


We have been supporting our customers since 1982 by making components for racing cars.

Our history began in Maranello, in the famous Motor Valley, with the construction of parts for campers, cars and motorcycles.

The professionalism and quality of our solutions immediately attracted the attention of several F1 teams present in the area.

Since then, we have accumulated extraordinary experience and have become specialists in the sector. But stopping is not part of our DNA.

So – over the years – we have expanded our firepower: from design techniques to the actual creation of prototype components, passing through multiple types of welding and processing.

Implementing increasingly cutting-edge production technologies.

The numbers of the present


In these 40 years we have achieved significant results.

  • We have quadrupled the number of our internal resources, exceeding the threshold of 50 employees.
  • Our production has grown by 900% (from 6,000 to 56,000)
  • The number of our clients has more than doubled

Covering three main sectors: Formula 1, Automotive and Aerospace.

Goals of which few can boast, but which – for us at Andreoli – only represent another step towards innovation.


At your side to conquer the challenges of the future


Like our components and our services, your needs are continuously changing.

The challenges which your company is called to face can be varied and – sometimes – thorny.

We at Andreoli can help you overcome them.

We know how to support you in the ecological transition of electric mobility.

How to guarantee very high quality parts whilst respecting increasingly competitive budgets. As well as designing the most suitable, reliable and safe tools for your company.

Whatever your sector may be.

And we are very proud of this!

If you want to see something which we have already done, please visit our site.