Aerospace sector: quality and precision

The applications for which the components are intended often require the use of special materials; therefore, a network of certified suppliers, with technologies and know-how are required and which control the production process throughout its stages.

The main materials that we handle for these applications are Titanium and Aluminium alloys, stainless steels (AISI 301; 303; 304; 316 etc.) and alloys such as 15CDV6 and Inconel.

Experience in Motorsports to drive us further

More than thirty years’ experience in motorsports has enabled us to develop specific production processes that meet the high quality criteria set by aerospace regulations, thereby enabling us to constantly improve our processing and welding techniques until they meet the most stringent requirements.

In order to achieve these results, constant control is required in each production stage.

starting with the raw materials where each batch of material must be able to be traced back to physical and chemical properties and the relative casting number. This is why all material intended for the aerospace sector must comply with certificate 3.1 to ensure its full traceability.

Consequently, our commitment to maximum quality has led us to achieve the EN 9100:2018 – AS 9100:D certificate to extend the same standards to all our products.

Precision, reliability, the constant pursuit of new goals

The reasons why we have succeeded are the values that have always guided our company and which are represented in our extensive experience and technology in welding and in meticulous quality control through our metrology lab and our in-house laboratory.

Even if your company does not operate in the aerospace sector, you will still find a reliable partner in Andreoli & C. for the production of your components. Contact us and we will be glad to show you the solutions that are fruit of our constant research for the highest possible quality.