Automation sector: professionals are needed to replace human

If the ideal automation machine can operate without any human intervention, the same cannot be said for what happens before.

Machine assembly, the components, the materials, the processes and the treatments must be followed by the best professionals so as to obtain the intended result.

In fact, at Andreoli & C. we have always focused on our collaborators being trained well and remaining continuously up-to-date, on innovation and the most modern technologies being used.

Cutting, bending, forming and surface treatments: what your automation machinery requires

Laser cutting, bending or forming of laminates and pipes and stainless steel welding. We are specialised and have decades of cumulative experience in each of these processes.

We understand the requirements and complexities of the automation industry. We are used to actively collaborating with treatment specialists and finishers to obtain the intended quality and specifications even in surface treatments such as galvanising, anodising, cataphoresis, painting, micro-shot peening, and satin finishing.

Experts in processing Inconel, Aisi 304 and Aisi 316 stainless steel

Not all companies in the sector have experience with special steel such as Inconel 625 or Aisi 304 and 316 stainless steel

Not all companies have trained and specialised personnel processing them.

Not all companies have the most modern machinery to manage them with top-notch quality and precision.

At Andreoli & C. we do. Over the years, we have often worked for companies in the automation sector, maturing experience and refining our processing techniques, always looking for the highest possible quality.

3D laser cutting and welding: when process repeatability is the cornerstone

3D laser technology is not yet widespread: few other companies can provide it to their customers, and even fewer can boast extensive experience in its use.

At Andreoli & C. we use 3D laser technology when the importance of process repeatability is crucial.

We have performed and regularly perform 3D laser cuts and welds on bent and/or moulded sheet metal, on ducts and pipes, even if they are already bent.

Quality control: experts never rely on chance

Experience, specialisation, and professionalism. They are empty words without an objective yardstick to evaluate them. We have developed our Quality Policy bearing this in mind.

Each of our processes is always evaluated and verified by the analyses and surveys that our technicians carry out in our laboratory and our metrology lab bearing this in mind.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for the production of your machinery components, contact us, and we will be happy to show you the solutions we have specifically designed for your sector.

At this time of year, we take the opportunity to wish all our collaborators, customers and suppliers Best Wishes!