Solutions for SMSs: design, welding, bending and cutting also for small and medium-scale production

More than 92% of  industrial fabric is made up of SMEs: they are the backbone of the economy. In fact, it is the small and medium-sized enterprises that create excellent products, which are then exported worldwide.

For SMEs like yours, which strive to offer high-quality products, large-scale production is not necessary. What they are seeking is a supplier that can carry out precise machining in a short time on small and medium-sized batches. Andreoli & C. has set itself up to be exactly this type of supplier.

Small and medium quantities, maximum quality

Being efficient and maintaining high quality standards in mass production is not an easy task. To achieve this, Andreoli & C. has focused on three aspects:

  • In-house design and analysis services
  • Qualified personne
  • Use of state-of-the-art machinery and equipment


Design, processing, testing and analysis: a single contact partner

With its in-house design department, a fully equipped metrology room and an in-house laboratory for testing and macrographic analysis and an X-ray control system, Andreoli & C. will support you throughout the production process.

You will no longer need to invest resources and time in organising work between several companies, but you will be able to rely on a single contact partner that will assist you from the design phase through to the finished product.

In addition, thanks to our services and internal resources, you can speed up work considerably and solve any problems, ensuring compliance with quality standards and with the deadlines that your company must meet.

Innovation, experience, technology

How can efficiency be achieved on a small scale without sacrificing quality?

Through innovation and experience.

Andreoli & C. has consistently invested in cutting-edge technology including laser beam welding, orbital welding and controlled atmosphere welding, as well as in the most advanced machinery available on the market.

However, none of this would be of much use without our technicians and designers: a close-knit, well-trained team with years of experience in the field and hundreds of successfully completed projects.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for your small and medium-scale production, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly show you the solutions we have developed over the years.