certificazione iso

Company Certifications: choices dictated by strategy

Andreoli & C. continuously increases its own quality standards and meets the strictest requirements of reference standards. That is why company certifications are so important: they increase the efficiency and effectiveness of internal projects to improve customer satisfaction.

With regard to its quality and structural growth, Andreoli & C. took the most important steps in 2004, when the company was awarded ISO9001 certification, the most popular and best-known standard of reference for the Organisation’s Quality management and control. In 2018, the Organisation sought to further increase its efficiency levels by obtaining EN9100:2018 certification, specific to the aerospace industry.

By holding these certifications, Andeoli & C. proves that:

  • it has a Quality management system that fits its products and processes
  • builds its business around the customer, by analysing and understanding needs and expectations
  • guarantees the proper resources in support of the activities and results desired
  • constantly monitors its processes
  • continuously monitors, measures and improves the efficiency of its Quality management system.

The transition from a simple to a certified company has allowed us to add undisputed value to our services and is an additional incentive for customers, suppliers and associates in their selection. Contact us!