Andreoli & C. equipment for quality control: the SRE MAX radioscopic system

We strongly believe that ongoing technological updates, together with constant training and long experience in the non-destructive testing industry can be the ideal combination for Andreoli & C. to offer its customers solutions that meet the increasing demand for high quality components.

That is why we focus on high technologically advanced equipment like the new, modern radioscopic testing system SRE MAX 100×200.


• CABIN: with operating dimensions of 1800×800 mm, it offers absolute top value thanks to its multiple options for use. We have chosen Hamamatsu Microfocus in order to have wide capacity to analyse components based on the required standards. Assisted by BHT_cnc software by Bosello, our tests enable us to dimension defects to a tenth of a millimetre with precision.

• RANGE OF MATERIALS THAT CAN BE INSPECTED: from plastic to composites, from resins to metal components (titanium, stainless steel, aluminium, Inconel, etc.). Given the sensitivity of the micro-focus, defects can be properly identified, thus obtaining compliance with the most stringent standards. Furthermore, we are able to pass through as thin as 10 mm steel and rectify 0.2 mm defects thanks to the amorphous silicon panel and digital filters.

• ADVANTAGES: SRE MAX records processed images to be saved on a special server for 2 years. Therefore, we can perform post-productions with no need of a physical workpiece. A technical sheet is created for each test carried out, which can be shared with the customer. On completion of the test, we release all recorded images and a radioscopic inspection report with the detected defects and their positions.

We invest in research and technology in order to continue being a major, reliable and strategic partner for our customers.

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