Our bending and pressing service

Bending, press forming and shaping metal sheet is one of the services that Andreoli & C. has been offering for many years. In the field of high quality or sports automotive it is important that the plates follow aerodynamic lines specifically designed to guarantee a certain performance of the car. What are the characteristics of our company’s bending and press forming service?

Bending and pressing perfectly

Precision, high professional skills and advanced machinery are the secure basis on which all the work that the Andreoli & C. team carries out every day, in order to deliver to its customers a qualitatively perfect and safe product from every point of view view. We take care of:

  • Bend and print many types of material: copper, steel, aluminum and titanium are just 4 of the metals we deal with.
  • We can shape and form sheets up to 5-8 mm thick.
  • We study custom moldings and made ad hoc on the request of our client.
  • We also guarantee continuous and mass production.

Can we do something for you? Contact our offices: we will be happy to tell you about our activity and high-level skills.