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Andreoli & C. Welding Techniques

Clarity, simplicity, order in communicating all the services that Andreoli provides since a long time. Our new website is recently born also born under this intent. Andreoli & C. operates in the field of components for the high-level automotive industry for over 30 years and one of our strengths is, without a doubt, the various welding techniques, some of them also our professional patent.

Why is workmanlike welding so essential for the automotive industry?
Automotive production requires precision and high quality materials. Precision, for Andreoli & C., translates into welds that have to be functional to vehicle speed and support everything that this speed requires.

What about the welding techniques of Andreoli & C.?
Welding is a chemical-physical process that requires preparation and experience. Over the course of its thirty-year history, Andreoli & C. has put different processes into its portfolio. Among them we can list:

  • MIG / MAG welding to guarantee continuity and high productivity
  • TIG welding, for high quality joints by highly specialized operators
  • Orbital welding to ensure high quality, repetitiveness and traceability
  • Braze welding for heterogeneous materials¬†elements
  • Laser welding for speed, depth, high yield, minimum deformation.

These are only 4 of the various processes that Andreoli & C. Srl proposes to its clients. Contact us to know what we can do for you and your company.